Effective AY 2013-2014, the Art Education concentration is 48 units and provides students in the Art major with a range of courses, three of which are specific to Art Education. These are: ART 130 (Aesthetics and Art Criticism, a course that also serves as an upper division elective for students in Art History and Studio Art; currently offered in Fall semesters), ART 133 (Elementary School Art Education), and ART 135 (Secondary School Art Education; currently offered in Spring semesters). These three courses are designed to provide students with an understanding of the material, historical, social, cultural, and political role of visual art education in the 21st century. For example, students learn to conceptualize ideas through creating artwork and lesson plans; to convey meaning by presenting digital portfolios; to utilize Visual Thinking Strategies and seminars as a means of responding to visual culture; and to synthesize knowledge by connecting visual art to societal, cultural, and political contexts.

In addition to the three upper division courses (9 units) in Art Education, students take both lower division and upper division courses in Art History and Studio Art. Art History courses (12 units) enable students to gain an appreciation for and an understanding of visual cultural heritage. Studio Art courses (27 units) provide students the opportunity to gain artistic skills necessary for the personal mastery of established styles and for the exploration of new ones.

Sacramento State students interested in earning a single-subject teaching credential in Art should contact the Art Departmentís Credential Coordinator, Professor Amber Ward. They must complete the Pre-Credential Program in Art before enrolling in the College of Educationís Teaching Credential Program (for more information about that program, go to: