Department of Art, California State University
Annual Festival of the Arts
Art History Symposia

2004 Festival of the Arts: “Vision-Re-Vision” (3/27/04; MND 1003)

Keynote speaker:

  • Whitney Chadwick (SFSU): “What I Learned About Art History from Frida Kahlo”

Presentations by:

  • Elaine O’Brien (CSUS): “Art History Now: Reckoning with the World.”

  • Merrill Schleier (UOP): “The Empire State Building: Collaborative Architecture, "Working Class Masculinity and King Kong."

  • Jeffrey Ruda (UCD):  “A ‘Master’ and Some of His ‘Disciples:’ Vision, Imitation and Artistic Value in 15th century Italy”

  • Lisa Zdybel (MA candidate; UCD):  "Titian's Magdalen: Sensuous Religious Imagery in the Sixteenth Century.”  

  • Kurt von Meier (CSUS): Conclusion

2005 Festival of the Arts: “Figuring the Body” (3/12/05; MRP 1000)

Keynote speaker:

  • Carrie Lambert  (Harvard): "The Not Still Life: Yvonne Rainer's Short Films and the  Body as Object in the 1960s."

Presentations by:

  • David Adams (Sierra College): "From Body to Cosmos: The Emergence of Microcosm-Macrocosm Relationships in Contemporary4/14/07;  Art"

  • Katharine Burnett (UCD): "Strange-Figure Painting of 17th Century China"

  • Matthew Simms (CSULB): "'A Mute Paroxysm': Rodin's  Les Bourgeois de Calais"

  • Celia Stahr (SFSU) "Elaine de Kooning and the Sexual Politics of the Male Body in Action"

  • Rebecca Young Schoenthal (University of Virginia): "Tactile Bodies: David Park's Paintings of Bathers, 1954-1960"

2006 Festival of the Arts: “In Light of the Pacific: Photography from the Pacific Rim” (3/04/06; KDM 145)

Keynote speaker:

  • Sandra Phillips (SFMOMA): “The Photography of Shomei Tomatsu”
Presentations by:
  • Wendy Grossman (GWU): “Oceanic Art through the Surrealist Camera Lens of Man Ray and the Politics of Representation”

  • Barbara Anello (Independent scholar and artist, NYC): “Dorothy West Pelzer:  The Architecture of Southeast Asia in Photographs (1962-1971)”

  • Royce Smith (Wichita State University): "Unsettled Australian Landscapes: The Contemporary Photography of Rosemary Laing."

  • Christian Henriot (Lumière-Lyon 2 University, France; Fulbright scholar, UCB: "Virtual Shanghai: A Resource & Research Platform in the History of Shanghai."

  • Reagan Louie (SFAI):  Artist's talk

2007 Festival of the Arts: “Collaboration and Competition” (4/14/07; MRP 1000)

Keynote speaker:

  • Jeff Kelley: “Participation Post-Kaprow (the art of doing something, anything)"

Presentations by:

  • Renate Prochno (University of Salzburg, Austria): “Anthony van Dyck and Peter Paul Rubens”

  • Karen Fraser (Santa Clara University): “Forging the Way in Early Japanese Photography:Collaboration between Ueno Hikoma and Tomishige Rihei”

  • Steven Doctors (UCB):  “Collaboration as Boundary Making”

  • Melissa Geiger (East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania): “Robert Rauschenberg’s Soundings: A Perfect Protest”

2008 Festival of the Arts: “Visual><Verbal Border Crossings” (3/15/08; MRP 100)

Symposium dedication by Xico Gonzalez, Artist and Poet: “Remembering Ricardo Favela”

Keynote speaker:

  • Roberto Tejada, University of California, San Diego: "Viewer Tutorials: The Behavior of Pictures and Language"  

Presentations by:

  • Ann Marie Leimer, University of Redlands: “Crossing the Border with La Adelita: Lucia-Adelucha as Emblematic Border Crosser in Deliah Montoya’s Codex Delilah”

  • Janice Lynn Robertson, Fordham University, New York: “Art><Writing Border Crossings: A Nahua Riddle Sparks an Interactive Reading and Renewed Vision of Aztec Picture-Writing”

  • Jordana Moore Saggese, Santa Clara University, “Basquiat and the Beats”

  • Marta Garsd, Latin American Arts Committee, San Diego Museum of Art: “Black Edges on Magda Santonastasio’s Art Books”

  • Tatiana Reinoza Perkins, University of Texas, Austin: "Respondent"

2009 Festival of the Arts: “Location / Dislocation” (3/21/09; MRP 1000)

No keynote speaker
Presentations by:

  • Elaine O’Brien – Introduction: “Where is Art History?”

  • John Listopad, “Location/Dislocation: Lopburi, Thailand - The Year 1666”

  • Elizabeth Adan, “Between Location and Dislocation in Ana Mendieta’s Silueta Series”

  • Janna Schoenberger, “Almerisa the Milkmaid: Rineke Dijkstra’s Photographic Series of a Bosnian Refugee.”

  • Ronald Hawker, “Locating, Dislocating, and Relocating the Totem Pole: The Geography of ‘Art’ and the Case of Gitanyow”

  • Chris Tong, “With or Without Chinese Characteristics? The Dislocation of the Beijing Stadium in Global Discourse.”

2010 Festival of the Arts: “Revisiting the Art & Craft Divide” (5/20/10; MRP 1000)

Keynote speaker:

  • Elissa Auther, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, CO: "Craft is The New Art: The Current Relevance of Craft in Contemporary Art and Culture"

Presentations by:

  • Jennifer Roberson, California State University, Sonoma CA: “Crafting Moroccan Identity” 

  • Elyse Speaks, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN:  “Craft, Legibility, and the Critical Purchase of Lee Bontecou’s Handmade Machines”

  • Laura Gray, Center For Ceramics Research, Cardiff School of Art & Design, Cardiff,UK: “Ceramics with Sculptural Ambition” 

  • Thomas Folland, University of California, Los Angeles, CA:  Robert Rauschenberg’s Queer Modernism: The Early Combines and Decoration”

2011 Festival of the Arts: “The Real and the Fake” (4/16/11; MRP 1000)
(in conjunction with new media exhibition, The Aesthetics of the Fake, in the University Library Gallery).

Keynote speaker:

  • Erkki Huhtamo: “What‘s In the Box?: An Archaeological Approach to Peep Media”

Presentations by:

  • Mark Levy: “Magritte and the Triumph of the Simulacrum”

  • Donna Gustafson: “Claes Oldenburg‘s Bedroom Ensemble: Disruption and Transformation”

  • Robert Stalker: “Screening the Real: The Films of Bruce Conner”

  • Carrie Robbins: “The Real and the Fake in Thomas Demand‘s Trompe l‘Oeil Photograhy”

  • David Schwarz: "A Double-Take on the Body (A Psychoanalytic Approach to the Body in Electronic Art)"

2012 Festival of the Arts: Distinguished Art History Lecture (4/21/12; MRP 1000):

  • Sylvester Okwunodu Ogbechie (UC Santa Barbara), “Art Collections, Museums, and Preservation of Cultural Heritage in Africa”

2013 Festival of the Arts: Art History Lecture and Panel Discussion (4/13/13)

Art History Lecture:

  • Ella Diaz, Cornell University: “Flying Under the Radar with the Royal Chicano Air Force”

Panel Discussion: Challenges of Campus Art Collection Management

  • Rachel Teagle, Nelson Gallery, UC Davis

  • Robin Bernhard, Nelson Gallery, UC Davis

  • Irene Lugo, Sacramento City College

  • Catherine Sullivan, Janet Turner Print Museum, CSU Chico

2014 Festival of the Arts: Cross-Cultural Connections in Printmaking (4/12/13)

Keynote speaker:

  • Kathan Brown; Director, Crown Point Press, San Francisco, CA: "Crown Point Press: An Insider’s Perspective"

Presentations by:

  • John Byck; Ph.D. Candidate, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University: "The Ship Engravings of Master W with the Key as Cultural Crossroads"

  • Mary Goodwin; Associate Prof. of Art History, University of Alaska Fairbanks: "Printmaking in Los Angeles and the Role of Maria Sodi de Ramos Martinez"

  • Pamela Ivinski; Independent Scholar: “'The Unexpected Creation of Arabesques': Mary Cassatt’s 1890-91 Color Prints and the Decorative Devices of Japanese and Islamic Art"

  • Louise Siddons, Assistant Professor of Art History, Oklahoma State University: "'At Once Strong and Delicate: Uncovering the Contradictions of Cross- Cultural Modernity in a Painted Photograph by Bertha Lum"

2015 Festival of the Arts: Here as Everywhere: Art of the Sixties and Seventies in Northern California (4/11/15)

Keynote speaker:

  • Michael Schwager, Sonoma State University, Sonoma CA: "Don't Hide the Madness: Bay Area Art in the 1950s and 60s"

Presentations by:

  • Makeda Best, California College of the Arts, Oakland: "Radicalizing the Artistic – Production Models, Techniques, and Forms of the Political Poster in the 1960s and 1970s"

  • Bridget Gilman, University of California, Davis and Santa Clara University: "Urban Transformation and Aesthetic Experimentation: Responses to Gentrification in 1970s San Francisco"

  • Matthew Weseley, Independent Scholar, New York City NY: "Robert Colescott’s Search for Identity"

  • Nicolas G. Rosenthal, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles: "Painting a Cultural Resurgence: California Indian Artists in the 1960s and 1970s"

2016 Festival of the Arts: Hers & Hers: Women as Artists, Clients, and Consumers (4/16/16)

Call for Paper Proposals

Keynote speaker:

  • Sheryl E. Reiss, President of the Italian Art Society: "Noble Exemplars of Their Sex': Tomb Monuments Commissioned for and by Women during the Italian Renaissance"