Barrio Art

The website for the Barrio Art Program is being updated. The entry below summarizes its structure.

The Barrio Art Program has been in existence for nearly forty years and has a long and successful history of sending Sacramento State students out into the community, specifically the city of Sacramento.  The Barrio Art Program’s mission has been to provide Sacramento State students with practical experience that is integrated with their academic experience on campus, and which emphasizes the visual and performing arts.  It is one of the most significant community outreach programs sponsored by the University and has been a model for arts-based service learning programs at other colleges and universities.

There are two established program sites and five Barrio Art Program components.  The main site is the Washington Neighborhood Center, a cultural center located in downtown Sacramento.  At the Washington Neighborhood Center, the Barrio Art Program offers programs of evening classes in several areas:  the Children’s Component (serving children from grades K-6); the Anciano Component (serving adults and the elderly); and the Cultural Component with the Danza Azteca (Aztec Dance: indigenous art and culture).  Students also have been assigned to the second program site, La Raza Galería Posada, a highly regarded community art center offering shows and educational programs that celebrate Native American, Chicano, and Latino art and culture. The last Barrio Art Program component is the Mural Project, in which students are introduced to mural painting in the tradition of the Mexican Mural Movement. This type of collaborative art is also a community service and has a long-standing history in the city of Sacramento and on the University campus, where the most visible product is the mural by artist Ed Rivera on the façade of Lassen Hall. Both the Mural Project and the Cultural Component involve the use of the Washington Neighborhood Center, the main program site for the Barrio Art Program.

Through participation in any of the above listed components, Sacramento State students are given the opportunity to work closely with members of the community of all ages and from diverse ethnic backgrounds. Typically, students interested in this experience will enroll in ART 148 (Barrio Art for Ethnic Groups), a Service Learning course that involves a 50-hour commitment at one of the program centers during the semester. ART 148 emphasizes the concept of "Comuniversidad," the bridge between the university and the community, by providing Sacramento State students with a meaningful cultural/educational experience in a multicultural and multilingual setting. Through hands-on experiences, participating students learn how to integrate and implement art lessons that are appropriate in a multicultural learning environment. ART 148 may be taken twice for academic credit. Sacramento State students also may earn academic credit for this Service Learning experience by enrolling in either ART 195 (Fieldwork, 1-3 units) or ART 199/299 (Special Problems, 1-3 units).  Each of these options involves application by petition and a planning meeting with the chair of the Art Department. For further information, please contact the Art Department (916.278-6166).