Campus Artwork

The University has a large collection of outstanding artworks displayed across campus from regional artists, CSU faculty and emeritus faculty.

View slide shows of selected art works from the following locations:

University Library
Campus grounds
Alumni Center

Kadema Mural For the past several years, the walls of the north breezeway of Kadema Hall have provided a surface for a changing series of large-scale mural paintings. Creation of a new Kadema Mural began in November of 2003. Famous images from the history of art are being recreated by CSUS Art Appreciation students. Assisted by their professor, Elaine O'Brien, and her teaching assistant, professional muralist Stephanie Taylor, they are working together in eight teams based on their favorite visual cultures: African and Egyptian; Asian; Mexican and Chicano; Renaissance, Modern, Surrealist, Pop, and Contemporary.

Each team collaborated on the design for its section of the wall. The collages they created of iconic works of art - from the head of Nefertiti to the great wave of Hokusai; from Frida Kahlo's most anguished self-portrait to Keith Haring's dancing dogs - were projected and traced onto the wall. Then the painting began. The result will be a unique pastiche, a playful and sincere celebration of the history of art.
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