Spring 2016

2016 Festival of the Arts - 4/12 through 4/17: Events sponsored by the Art Department

Sponsored by the College of Arts and Letters, the annual Festival of the Arts showcases a wide range of creative and scholarly activity associated with various departments in the college. More information on the Spring 2016 events can be found here.

April 11-15: Landforms: Recent Work by Stephanie Mainwaring. Works will be shown in the R.W. Witt Gallery. The Gallery is open Monday-Friday, noon to 4:30 p.m. There will be a reception on Thursday, April 14, 6-8 p.m.

Tuesday, April 12: Hear & There: Artist Lecture by Mike Henderson
Visiting Artist Mike Henderson will discuss the evolution and developement of his painting and filmaking over the years. Tracing a path that begins with the figure to his current work with abstraction, where his rough-hewn canvases testify to the physicality of his approach and visceral relationship to material and surface.
Mike Henderson's work is respected by artists and critics alike. In a recent review of his painting at the Haines Gallery in S.F. The critic Kenneth Baker wrote “ What we see in Henderson's work, though, no matter how we judge any piece's success, is a quality most sought after by younger artists these days. People call it authenticity, when they mean to praise freedom from irony, from boastful self-doubt and other modes of artistic preening.”
This lecture will be held in Art Sculpture Lab (ASL) 108 with a reception to follow in ASL 110.

Saturday, April 16: The 12th Annual Art History Symposium, "Hers & Hers: Women as Artists, Clients, and Consumers." The past three decades have seen an increased amount of scholarship about women who were artists and women who were either sponsors of art projects or purchasers of art objects between about 1500 and 1800. Publications and presentations have resulted in a greater awareness of the significant role played by women in the art market in the 18th century and earlier.

Keynote speaker:
Sheryl E. Reiss, President, Italian Art Society
“Noble Exemplars of Their Sex”: Tomb Monuments Commissioned for and by Women During the Italian Renaissance.

Angela Oberer, CET/Vanderbilt University Program, Florence, Italy
Rosalba Carriera (1673-1757), the “Modest Old Spinster:” Cliché and Chance for Artistic and Personal Freedom

Sandra Gómez Todó, PhD candidate, School of Art and Art History, University of Iowa
"Teresa Cornelys, Elizabeth Chudleigh and the Culture of Masquerades: Depictions of a Female Impresario and her Patroness in the Arts of Entertainment of 18th-Century London".

Catherine Turrill-Lupi, Professor of Art History, Sacramento State
"The Frate’s Follower: Classifying and Collecting the Work of Plautilla Nelli in the 1800s"

The Art History Symposium will be held in Mariposa 1000 from 1-5 PM and will include a reception.

Sunday, April 17: Muddy Hands. 11-3 p.m. Explore Clay in the Kadema Hall Courtyard.

Sunday, April 17: Mask Making. 11-3 p.m. Mask-making activity for children in Kadema Hall, room 170.

Spring 2015

2015 Festival of the Arts - 4/8 through 4/12: Events sponsored by the Art Department

  • Wednesday, April 8: "Time and Place": Panel discussion with four artists associated with San Francisco's Refusalon Gallery in the 1990s: Amy Berk, Paul Bridenbaugh, Charles Linder, and Cheryl Meeker (Library Gallery Annex, 4:30-6 PM, followed by a reception at the Art Sculpture Lab)

  • Wednesday-Friday, April 8-10: LUMPEN: An Installation by Julia Couzens and Ellen Van Fleet will continue to be on view in the Robert Else Gallery (noon-4:30 PM)

  • Wednesday-Friday, April 8-10: Mechanics: Recent Work by Sokthea Chan will be open in the R. W. Witt Gallery from noon-4:30 PM

  • Friday, April 10: closing reception for Mechanics: Recent Work by Sokthea Chan (7-9 PM; R. W. Witt Gallery)

  • Saturday, April 11: The 11th Annual Art History Symposium, "Here as Everywhere: Art of the Sixties and Seventies in Northern California", will be held in Mariposa 1001 from 1-5 PM. The keynote speaker will be Michael Schwager of Sonoma State University (title: "Don't hide the Madness: Bay Area Art in the 1950's and 60s"). Four scholars will then present their recent research on topics in Northern California Art: Bridget Gilman ("Urban Transformation and Aesthetic Experimentation: Responses to Gentrification in 1970s San Francisco"), Makeda Best ("Radicalizing the Artistic: Production Models, Techniques, and Forms of the Political Poster in the 1960s and 1970s"), Matthew Weseley ("Robert Colescott’s Search for Identity"), and Nicolas Rosenthal ("Painting a Cultural Resurgence: California Indian Artists in the 1960s and 1970s").

  • Sunday, April 12: For Sunday Funday (11-4 PM), the Art Department will again be offering children the opportunity to work with clay ("Muddy Hands"; courtyard of the Robert Else Gallery).

  • Sunday, April 12: Also on Sunday Funday we will have the Else Gallery open for the LUMPEN: An Installation by Julia Couzens and Ellen Van Fleet exhibition (11-3 PM).