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    Brenda Louie


    Office: KDM 196
    Office hours: Mon./Wed. 3-4 p.m.; email or by appointment
    Phone: (916) 278-6166 (message phone)


    Born in the southern Chinese province of Kwangtung, Brenda Louie is a California-based multidisciplinary artist who has exhibited in local and international museums and galleries since the late 1980's, including the Crocker Museum of Art, the Monterey Museum of Art, the University of California Davis' Nelson Art Gallery, and the University of California Berkeley's Institute for East Asian Studies Gallery.

    Louie hold a Master of Arts from California State University, Sacramento (1991) and a Master of Fine Arts from Stanford University (1993). While at Stanford, she received her artistic training under esteemed contemporary artistis such as the late Nathan Oliveira and was the recipient of the Gorden Hampton Fellowship, the Robert Mondavi Fellowship, and the San Francisco Foundation's Edwin A. and Adalaine B. Cadogan Scholarship. her work is housed in provate and public collections in the United States, China, and the Middle East.

    Louie's artistic practice is based on continous experimentation and research, drawing from a wide range of artistic and scholarly sources, often vis-a-vis themes that reflect her diverse history. Prior to immigrating to the United States as an adolescent, she lived between a rural town in southeast China and Hong King and studied classical Chinese literature and calligraphy under her father, Lui Chiu Sheung, a Chinese scholar and calligrapher, while also training in Chinese brush painting under Master Au Ho-Nine.

    Louie has been an adjunct faculty member at Sacramento State since 1996, teaching drawing and painting.