Scott Parady

Scott Parady


Office: KDM 131C

Office hours:
Tues. and Thurs. 10:50 a.m.-12:50 p.m.;
appointment encouraged

(916) 278-3867




Scott Parady is a ceramic artist who has worked with clay for the last twenty years at his Burton Creek Studio in Pope Valley, CA, where he has been firing a large anagama wood kiln since 1996. In 2014 he began building the Cobb Mountain Art and Ecology Project, an artist residency program on the 80-acre property where he lives with his family. He has also taught many workshops around the country and abroad at various universities and art centers. Parady exhibits his work widely in the US and is internationally recognized for his contributions to contemporary wood-fired ceramics. He has presented his work at three international conferences and has work in many important collections including the Di Rosa Art and Nature Preserve in Napa, CA. His work has been exhibited at TRAX Ceramic Gallery, Berkeley, CA; B. Sakata Garo, Sacramento; Lacoste Gallery, Concord, MA; and the Spun Smoke Gallery in Oakland, CA where he is also the curator of ceramics.