About the Program

The Film Program provides an interdisciplinary orientation rooted in the liberal arts while sustaining a challenging and current digital film/video production curricula. The Film Studies concentration trains students to analyze U.S. or Hollywood film aesthetics to the cinematic representation rooted in Third World, women’s or feminist, diasporic, Avant-Garde, and transnational cinemas.  Film Studies collaborates closely with the Department of English as its curricular orientation includes two courses in the areas of film theory and criticism. The Film Studies curricular orientation prepares students who are serious about pursuing graduate level work in film studies. Film students bring to the program a cross-pollination of cultures that influence their creative efforts in shaping images and narratives of inclusiveness and human differences. The program’s interdisciplinary orientation includes courses from the departments of Art, Design, History, Humanities and Religious Studies, and Theatre and Dance, thus enhancing the student’s analytical and critical skills.

The Digital Film/Video Production concentration prepares students to acquire advanced skills in video and film editing with a firm background in theory. Required courses include training in audio production in radio, television, film and recording applications; the acquisition of advanced writing skills for video and film; and video production with emphasis in documentary and dramatic genres. Digital Film/Video Production trains its student to be proficient in lighting design, videography, staging, blocking, and composition aesthetics. Production students work as members of a team allowing them to enhance their understanding of small group communication, project management and production administration.

Our graduates are in high demand in the professional media industry, not only for the depth of their knowledge and training, their creativity, and their intelligence, but also because of the high standards of professionalism to which our program holds them accountable.  Not only do we emphasize the mastery of industry standard technology, but also dependability, the ability to work with others, writing and communication skills all of which help our students succeed as professionals. 

Following is a list of production resources available to the Film Program

A Sound Stage/Video Studio which includes: