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The Metaphysics of Time Perception

The Metaphysics of Time Perception
September 4 – December 14

A shared line of inquiry emerges in this exhibition of recent works by faculty artists. Each maintains an independent studio—a professional space in which to push personal creativity and intellectual exploration. As such, a preoccupation with finding and protecting time for individual and collaborative endeavors is to be expected. Yet evident here are artistic inquiries probing the many facets of our understanding of time. An astonishing amount of the complexity of the human experience derives from how we perceive this valued marker and commodity. Time shapes the fabric of our existence, from the personal to the universal.

The engagement with materials—how various media respond and transform under our command—involves continuous, career-spanning explorations. Scott Parady harnesses time and fire to produce the dramatic effects of wood firing. Robert Ortbal foils material expectations, inviting us to reflect on our formation of awareness. Ian Harvey and Rachel Clarke, using vastly different media, explore states of change, as do Tom Monteith and Sarah Flohr, who offer meditations on the human sense of time and its impact on and portent for the environment.

The dimension of time becomes personal in small sculptures by Dan Frye and in the multi-part installation by Andrew Connelly. The deepest, hottest part of a fire, called a depression, indicates the point of origin of a conflagration, a technical term that also addresses the psychic dimensions of loss, recovery, and transcendence in Connelly’s work. Frye’s Spirit Jars, in contrast, symbolically contain the multiplicity of psychic damage possible over the course of a lifetime.

Diana L. Daniels
Curator of Contemporary Art