First-Year Placement: EPT / EDT


For undergraduate students starting at Sacramento State, there are two test scores that will be used to place you into your first English class: The English Placement Test (EPT) and the English Diagnostic Test (EDT). This page outlines those tests and the various English placement options. Please refer to the Lower-Division Composition Requirements page for more information about those classes.

English Placement Test (EPT)

The CSU English Placement Test (EPT) is designed to assess the level of reading and writing skills of entering undergraduate students so that they can be placed in appropriate undergraduate-level courses. The CSU EPT must be completed by all entering undergraduates, with the exception of those who present proof of one of the exemptions listed in the online catalog.

The results of the EPT will not affect admission eligibility but will be used to identify students who need additional help in English in order to do college-level work. Failure to take the EPT before the first semester of enrollment will prevent students from registering for classes. Placement tests at other colleges or universities do not apply; however, the EPT may be taken at any CSU campus.

According to CSU Executive Order 665, students who receive an EPT Total score below 147 are required to enroll in the appropriate preparatory course in the first semester of enrollment. All preparatory courses must be completed within the students' first year of enrollment; otherwise the students will not be allowed to continue at the university, resulting in Administrative Disqualification.

As part of the EPT, each student will be asked to fill out a survey. This survey will ask if English is the student's first/primary language or if the student speaks another language at home. Based on his answers to this survey, a student may be given an English Diagnostic Test (EDT) score in addition to his EPT score.

To see your EPT score, just log onto MySacState, go to your Student Center, and click on the “Test Score Summary” link located toward the middle of the page. For more help determining your first-year placement based on your EPT total score, please see below. For more information about the EPT, please refer to

English Diagnostic Test (EDT)

Effective Summer 2014, the EDT is no longer given or required at Sacramento State.

The English Diagnostic Test (EDT) was a test for multilingual students (students whose first/primary language is not English) to gauge their English writing skills. Among other things, the EDT tested to see if a multilingual student would benefit from taking our multilingual track of English classes or could be more successful if he had more time to take the Writing Placement for Juniors (WPJ) exam.

Multilingual students entering Sacramento State as freshmen may have received an EDT score on their English Placement Test (EPT). Otherwise, students may have elected to take the EDT through the English department office.

To see if you have an EDT score or to find out what that score is, just log onto MySacState, go to your Student Center, and click on the “Test Score Summary” link located toward the middle of the page. For more information about the EDT, please refer to this Frequently Asked Questions page.

First-Year Placement

Use the table below to help you determine the first English class you should take at Sacramento State based on your EPT Total score and your EDT score (if applicable). If you are unsure what your EPT and EDT scores are, just log onto MySacState, go to your Student Center, and click on the “Test Score Summary” link located toward the middle of the page.

Please note: EPT scores are broken down into several component scores. For the purposes of First-Year Placement, your EPT Total score (the entry with the word "Total" in the "Component Descr" column) is used.

EPT Total Score EDT Score Placement
120-141 NA ENGL 15 OR
    ENGL 10 + ENGL 11
120-141 3 ENGL 86 OR
    ENGL 10M + ENGL 11M
142-145 NA ENGL 1 OR
    ENGL 10 + ENGL 11
142-145 4 ENGL 87 OR
    ENGL 10M + ENGL 11M
146 NA ENGL 1A + ENGL 1X
146 5 ENGL 2 + ENGL 2X
147+ NA ENGL 1A
147+ 5 ENGL 2