Graduate writing programs

The Graduate Certificate in Composition, along with the Master of Arts in English with a focus in Rhetoric and Composition, seeks to provide every student with an ethically-driven understanding of ways in which all language is meaning-making, especially within the contexts of academic discourse communities. Participants will participate in coursework that provides opportunities for engaging in writing as a process which involves critical self-reflection; for interrogating the intersections between reading and writing; for theorizing about and practicing classroom pedagogies; and for engaging in extended research in such areas as writing assessment, literacies, writing center administration, writing across the curriculum, technical communication, and others. With a firm grounding in the histories and theories of the field of Rhetoric and Composition, as well as rigorous professional development in both scholarship and teaching, graduates will be prepared to excel as composition teachers in high schools and community colleges; in addition, graduates will be well-qualified to pursue doctoral studies or careers in rhetoric, public service, law, technical writing, and media studies, as well as in any field of Composition studies.